Specialized Tempo Service in Pune & PCMC | Per Kilometer Charges

Specialized Tempo Service in Pune & PCMC

Specialized Tempo Service in Pune & PCMC

Deliver Heavy Parcels Anywhere in Pune & PCMC​-Lazydoor

Our Heavy Weight Parcel Delivery Service takes you away from the following worries-

Our Heavy Weight Parcel Delivery Service takes you away from the following worries-

No more negotiations-Feature by Lazydoor

No more negotiations!

Forget all botheration over negotiating with the transport people! We bring to you a fixed rate transportation facility to ease all distress!

Reliable Cash on Delivery-Feature by Lazydoor

Reliable Cash on Delivery

Worried about handing the cash to a normal tempo driver? Our tempo service is designed to cater your trust and make COD reliable for you!

Route Optimization​ Feature by Lazydoor

Conquer the remoteness!

The tempo service has an all over reach in Pune and PCMC area; you can now bolster your business deliveries even to the remote corners!

Optimized routes; faster deliveries-Feature by Lazydoor

Optimized routes; faster deliveries!

The main issue with deliveries is the road routes! We ensure that you get a customized delivery course! Even we love shortcuts!

You choose , we pick-up!

Is your business suffering because of rigidity in pick-up times? Our services allow you the flexibility of choosing a pick-up time!

Own a transport vehicle!

Own a transport vehicle!

You can reach us anytime and we will guide you with all the necessities like paperwork, maintenance, etc to get you the best possible deals!

Our Excellent & Unique Features

Per Kilometer Charges for parcel delivery - An unique Feature by Lazydoor

Per Kilometer Charges

We charge you according to Km only, irrespective of Parcel Weight. This is the UNIQUE FEATURE you get only at Lazydoor.

COD (Cash On Delivery)​ Feature by Lazydoor

COD (Cash On Delivery) 

Cash on delivery problem gets solved! We simply accept the cash from your end customers and transfer it to your bank account.

Overall Reach-Pune and PCMC Feature by Lazydoor

Overall Reach-Pune & PCMC

Now through Lazydoor you can deliver your parcels anywhere in Pune & PCMC. Long distance area should not be a problem for your business.

Data Record​ Feature by Lazydoor

Data Record

All the data of delivery will be recorded by Lazydoor including time, location, client name etc. This will help you in analyzing your business.

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Route Optimization

We optimize the route i.e., use the shortest route available, to deliver your parcels as early as possible.

Convenient Pick up time

Pickup time of parcel is fixed by you and hence you & your end customer enjoy the most comfortable doorstep logistic service.