Hyper local deliveries – What does the future foretell?

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Hyper Local Deliveries – What does the future foretell?

As we enter the Nth phase of lockdown, if you look around the city, you will notice barren roads and sparse traffic. Clean air and no noise pollution are the positive outcomes. But the economy of our thriving city has taken a serious battering. Pune’s marquee technology sector has somehow maintained its sheen. But local businesses and local industries have taken a massive hit.

The shining beacon has been the last mile services & delivery services in Pune. Getting qualified under the essential services has given the milk & vegetables delivery, medical, pharma & food delivery services and tempo delivery services a big boost. Restaurants of all sizes are now catering to their clients through home deliveries; medical stores are attending to their ailing customers by providing them the medicines at their doorsteps; grocery stores, big & small, are catering to their loyal customers using tempo services or bike deliveries.

All these services come under the super localized delivery services. We are talking about Pune East (Camp, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi, etc), Pune West (Baner, Aundh, Hinjewadi, Bavdhan, etc), Pimpri and Chinchwad being the hyper local markets.  National players like Swiggy and Zomato are the obvious beneficiaries. But so are hyper local delivery services. They have the unique advantage of knowing their neighborhood. Speed, agility, price, and customer connect is where they score higher against their national counterparts. Easy availability of delivery boys, tempos and bikes during the pandemic has reduced their operational costs. Since these delivery services in Pune operate in a 5-8 kilometers radius, they have a personal connect with the service providers as well as the end customers. The delivery team does not have to travel long routes and their knowledge of the hyper local market place brings in higher delivery efficiencies.

The last mile delivery companies in Pune who have been around the block for some time, those who have a healthy client pipeline and those who have built the operational chops are definitely going to benefit during this pandemic. Punekars demand for fresh vegetables, grocery, food, milk and medical supplies is grown in the past quarter and an operationally strong last mile delivery company can definitely cash in on this demand. Hyper local deliveries was an interesting after dinner topic of conversation before the pandemic. We will now have case studies or success stories of such companies to discuss after the pandemic.

Stay tuned to our fortnightly Blogs to know more about the business model and success factors for hyper local delivery companies in Pune.

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