Doorstep Logistic Services For Home Chefs In Pune

Doorstep Logistic Services For Home Chefs In Pune

We deliver according to your needs!
Lazydoor -The Complete Door To Door Pick Up & Delivery Services For Your Home Chefs Business.

Doorstep Logistic Services For Home Chefs In Pune

Lazydoor is a door to door logistics solution provider that helps the Home Chefs with their intra-city deliveries.  We are a boon for all the home chefs in the Pune city who struggle with the logistics issue.

Our uniqueness is that we mostly work for people who run their business from their Home. It is very hard to grab hold of a suitable delivery solution, well here is the good news; we are here to take care of it all.


  • We charges according to kilometers and not according to units of delivery or weight of products.
  • Customized delivery options for home chefs (home-entrepreneurs).
  • Delivery options are formulated according to the delicateness of the product
  • Trained and expert staffs for delicate deliveries like Modaks and Puranpolis, etc.
  • Enough manpower to back up in case of an emergency.
  • COD- Cash on delivery feature is available. Here we collect cash from your side.
  • Parcel pick-up time as per your convenience.
  • Home Chefs can focus on their core business and leave the delivery to us.

Problems which disappear after Lazydoor becomes your logistic partners:​

  1. Logistic Expenditure: We are the unique players in this industry to charge you as per kilometers and not by the numbers of parcels or by their weight making our services cost-effective.
  2. Expansion of the business: No matter where your business is located. Lazydoor provides Home chefs a reach all over Pune City and PCMC area i.e. complete intra-city reach.
  3. Delicacy: Our delivery staff is skilled to “Handle with care” for all the delicate products. We take all the necessary precautions that are required to ensure a safe delivery. We understand the need for it for our Home Chefs!
  4. Weather Conditions: We have special packaging arrangement for Home Chefs to carry their food-parcels safely even in adverse weather conditions.
  5. Delay of Deliveries: We do not club the deliveries with any other parcel as we know the importance of on-time delivery for Home Chefs. Moreover, we have a unique feature of customized and optimized routes for parcels. We ensure it is on delivered on time.
  6. Hiring Manpower for parcel delivery: We provide enough manpower for Home Chefs to cover up all the possible delivery requirements and timings, that cut-off the expenses of manpower hiring.
  7. Mismanagement: Our smart logistic services let you manage your core business and focus more revenue generation instead of taking care of the deliveries. Thus home chefs are saved from Mismanagement of logistics.
  8. Maintenance cost of Logistic System: With our unique features, it becomes easy for us to offer a cost-effective logistic service, to Home Chefs, which otherwise is very difficult for you to maintain on your own.
  9. Customized delivery as per end customers’ orders: Our delivery boy reaches your doorsteps at the given pick-up time which facilitates your business and increases the number of customers that helps to increase revenue generation
  10. Cash on delivery (COD): We accept cash from your clients and transfer it to your bank account making easier for your end clients who prefer COD
  11. Marketing Assistance: We may feature you as a Client on our website, social media handles.


Something for our end clients:​

Want to place an order for a big event? Or want some specially cooked delicacies delivered to you for a home function? Now you don’t have to spend hours searching for it. All you have to do is select a home chef that satisfies your requirements and place a delivery with us!