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Biz Synergies, the new age success factor for the Last Mile Delivery sector

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COVID 19 has changed the way of doing business, globally! Having been a part of the last mile delivery ecosystem across multiple continents for over 2 decades, I have closely seen the growth of this highly competitive sector. In the early days, I received formal training on the success factors like on-time delivery, operational efficiency and quality service from the best logisticians. These concepts hold true even today. I try to pass my learnings to the young and talented founders of the new age last mile delivery companies. Today, Technology is the greatest enabler which was not the case when I started my professional journey in this field.

Back then, it was more important for us to beat our competitor’s strategy. We had to continuously innovate for later pick-ups and early morning deliveries in the commercial district and seek for faster and cost-effective modes of transportation to beat the peak traffic. Back then, the market size for the last mile delivery services was not growing at a high pace. We just had to make sure that we win a larger size of the pie and that was the way to beat our competition and stay profitable.

Fast forward to 2020. As I mentioned earlier, COVID 19 has changed the business mantras. Though the core success factors like on-time delivery, operational efficiency and quality service are still very important, the new age success factors like collaboration, inclusion, empathy and biz synergies have taken over successfully.

At Lazydoor, we have identified two key differentiators for our last mile delivery model – Technology & Biz Synergies. In this blog, I will focus more on Biz Synergies since Technology is a success factor which is widely researched, accepted and implemented.

So, how do we bring in Biz Synergies?

In Pune, we have made significant inroads in the Food Delivery, Tiffin Services, Specialty Cakes & Confectionery and Home Essentials sectors. We have B2B clients in all parts of the city. Our clients deliver specialty products to their customers. Their customers are paying not only for a superior taste & quality but they expect reliable, on-time and quality delivery of their orders. Our clients have these very same expectations from us whether they are in Aundh or Bavdhan or Kothrud or Wagholi or Kondhwa or Koregaon Park. They want us to have a well trained delivery staff who are mannerful, well groomed and responsible. Covid has made security & hygiene an essential part of the client’s requirements. We are prepared to service all the client’s needs but there is a cost to maintain such an efficient team. We cannot transfer these costs to our clients. So, we bring together the deliveries of all our clients in one particular location and route their delivery maps together. Or we use a single specially trained delivery personnel to deliver products across multiple categories like food, vegetables, grocery, etc thereby bringing higher operational efficiencies across various businesses. Or we break the deliveries in 2-4 hours windows thereby reducing the workload on our delivery staff and ensure their highest efficiencies. Or we distribute the delivery products using auto rickshaws which are cost effective ‘cos of CNG usage. These to us are biz synergies where multiple B2B businesses use a single highly efficient, professional and cost effective service provider like us.

We are here to give the perfect last mile delivery experience to our clients as well as their customers. It is a big ecosystem that we are catering to. We understand that there is already an abundant availability of service providers and we need to differentiate ourselves by constantly innovating and bringing in higher Biz synergies. We are completely up to this task and look forward to giving the WoW! experience to our clients, always!

You can check us out at www.lazydoor.in and we are ever ready to delight you and your customers!

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