Budding Tiffin Serve Sector in Pune

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Pune which is one of the fastest growing city in India also considered as IT hub of Maharashtra. People from all over the country is commuting to Pune in search of proper career option. Pune is also “Youth City of India” because 62% of the population is under 30 age group. All these circumstances are directly advancing the growth of one sector that is “Tiffin Service Sector or what we called as Home-meal boxes.”

Tiffin service is a primitive source of income for many families. Many treat it as the primary source of income or other consider it as a secondary giving preference to their other job. You will find the majority of women engaged in providing Tiffin services in Pune. It can also be handled on different scale as some send only few Tiffin while other operates it on the large scale. But overall it gives the opportunity to people especially women to get self-sustain by them self.

Although there are few problems they are facing mostly in delivering Tiffin to their customer as this is totally different ball-game than handling their core business. It is difficult for them to handle and retain delivery guys. Lazydoor, a startup in Pune is trying to solve this problem for them. Lazydoor is a logistics firm in Pune which Partners the Business mostly working from home & help this business to carry their product to their customers. Tiffin Service sector is the primary section for them which they are helping and giving the opportunity to this service to expand all over Pune.

Given the growth rate of Pune, there is very big opportunity for Tiffin service section for high growth. Lazydoor wants to help this sector to reach new heights.

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